Sports offer our students a unique bonding experience that builds teamwork, friendships, spirit, confidence, and personality. We need a committee chair and volunteers to help us support our athletes and create a positive competitive environment for them during the Tournament of Champions. Tournament of Champions is offered to Irvine schools only for grades 4-6 students. Volunteers assist with various tasks such as event setup, coaching assistance, equipment management, and T-shirt distribution. Alderwood will have teams for Volley Fest in the fall (volleyball), the Harvest Cup in the Fall (soccer), the Winter Bowl in the winter (flag football), and Hoops Classic in the Spring (basketball).

Is your child interested in playing Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football or Basketball and representing Alderwood in the Irvine Tournament of Champions?  


Sports is a great way for your child to learn teamwork and develop social skills while being physically active.  What better way to do this then by practicing with their classmates and representing the school in a friendly tournament.  We want to encourage all skills levels, from beginners to experienced players, to join in the fun.  







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