Who we are

YOU and every parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher and staff member at Alderwood who chooses to join. We all have one thing in common: we are dedicated to providing an enriching, creative and fun experience for the students enrolled at Alderwood Elementary School.


What we do

We provide programs, training and materials for our students and teachers that government and school district funding can no longer support.


Why we do it

The goal of PTA, at the state and national level, is to promote the health, safety and welfare of every child both in and out of school. The PTA also speaks on behalf of children before government agencies and organizations that make decisions affecting children.


We are planning some fantastic programs for Alderwood Elementary School this year and would love your support! We provide items for our students and teachers that governmental and school district funding can no longer support and we enrich our children’s education through our programs.


2023-2024 Alderwood PTA Executive Board

Principal Kelli Cheshire
President Mahsheed Hosseini
Executive Vice President Katie Olson
Recording Secretary Ann Feng-Gagne
Corresponding Secretary Katherine Santoso
Treasurer Kelly Tran
Financial Secretary Ania Pfeil
Historian Sara Acosta
Auditor Joyce Hsu
Parliamentarian Elizabeth Reilly
Teacher Representative George Sfakianakis




Mahsheed has been a member of the Alderwood Community since 2018. For the past six years, she has dedicated herself to the PTA, serving as a room parent and helping with school events. Now, in 2023, she proudly steps into the role of our PTA President, a true honor for her. With Cyrus in the 6th and Darius in the 3rd grades, her commitment to enriching educational experiences is unwavering. Mahsheed extends a warm invitation to you, inviting you to join hands in empowering the leaders of tomorrow through active parental engagement, academic empowerment, and the unbreakable bonds of community.








You will recognize her as a volunteer who helps out at most, if not all, PTA events. She's also a board member, room parent and the head of Alderwood's own Run Club! Katie Olson is a dedicated friend and mom of 2 boys who have called Alderwood home since Kindergarten. She is happy to share her passion for running, Disney and coffee! Katie is always in the know and excited to recruit new volunteers to help as she develops new ideas to give back like donating books to make our library more current, helping kids get healthy and active by accomplishing a progressive mile or serving as the voice for countless parents. Katie can be found traveling with her husband and kids on adventures, training for marathons, or working hard to make the world a better place.













Ann-Feng Gagne

Ann has been part of the Alderwood Community since 2015. She currently serves as Recording Secretary on the PTA Executive Board and has been a committee chair or Board member for the past several years. She is a mom of three including a 2nd grader (Rowan), 6th grader (Preston), and a 8th grader (Grayson). She enjoys helping plan and coordinate many of the school events including Spring Carnival, Silent Auction, Jog-a-Thon, Read-a-Thon and Tournament of Champions. When she's not helping at school, she works full time as an interior and landscape designer helping transform houses into cozy, livable spaces with a modern edge.



Katherine Santoso

Since 2015, Katherine and her family have been part of the Alderwood Community. This year she is serving on the PTA Executive Board as the Corresponding Secretary.  She also curates all the content across our social media platforms. Katherine is a proud parent of two boys, Enzo (9th grader) and Rocco (6th grader).  Beyond her involvement in the school, Katherine's creative flair extends to her favorite pastime—cooking and baking for her loved ones. With a passion for creating memorable moments through food, she believes that cherished memories are often crafted in the heart of the kitchen.



Kelly Tran

Kelly has been part of the Alderwood community for the last 8 years. She is mom to current student Brandon (6th grade), and Alderwood graduates, Lindsay (9th grade), and Lily (7th grade). She has volunteered in various PTA roles and is currently serving as Treasurer for both Alderwood PTA and Financial Secretary for Rancho PTA. Kelly is an optometrist by trade. For fun, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.



Ania Pfeil

Ania is a mom of a 4th grader (Maya) and 6th grader (Marcus). She has been involved with PTA, class volunteering and school activities for the last six years. She grew up in Poland and moved to the United States some 22 years ago. Ania works full time for a commercial real estate investor headquartered in Irvine, CA, and specializes in acquisitions. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, traveling and spending time with family.



Sara Acosta

Sara has been part of the Alderwood community since 2017 when her daughter Lauren started Kindergarten! Sara currently has a 6th grader (Lauren) and 4th grader (Lucas) attending Alderwood. She has supported Alderwood in several roles such as Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, School Event Volunteer, School Site Council Member, and now as a PTA Board Member! Outside of Alderwood, you'll find Sara cheering on her kids at their sporting events, and working as a marketing manager for a technology company.



Elizabeth Reilly

Elizabeth has been part of the Alderwood community since 2016. She is a mom to current student Julia (4th grade) and Alderwood graduate, Chloe (7th grade). Elizabeth works full time in the Healthcare industry for a non-profit. Even with a busy schedule, she has found many rewarding and flexible volunteer opportunities at Alderwood. She has assisted in various roles (classroom helper, co-room mom, holiday parties, jog-a-thon, book fair) and is currently serving as the PTA Parliamentarian. Outside of work and volunteer commitments, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling.



Joyce Hsu

This is Joyce’s third year volunteering at Alderwood and first as a board member. She is looking forward to working and growing the Alderwood community.