Volunteering for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a rewarding way to actively support your child's education, make a positive impact on the school community, and build meaningful connections with teachers and other parents. It allows you to advocate for students' needs, utilize your skills, and stay informed about education trends and policies.


By setting a positive example for your child and being involved in meaningful activities, you create lasting memories and contribute to a stronger school environment. To volunteer at Alderwood, parents must complete an online volunteer application through IUSD.org. Click here for more information.


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Book Fair
Did you know that by volunteering at the Alderwood book fair, you help PTA to promote literacy and a love for reading for our students? Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the smooth functioning of the book fair. The best part is helping students choose their books, the purchasing process, and sharing the excitement together. They also schedule volunteer increments of as little as 60 minutes to fill the time slots, set up booths, organize books, help to order books throughout the week if needed, and operate the cash registers. Volunteers are needed for a week in the late Fall and a week in the early Spring.

Boy’s Night
We need a chairperson to schedule an evening event for our 5th-grade boys and parents featuring a presentation about puberty and the physical and emotional changes it will bring. It is usually on an evening in the Spring. We will need volunteers to help with invitations, food, booking with the IUSD speaker, and decorations. Volunteers create a comfortable & safe atmosphere for students to ask questions, facilitate discussions, and provide resources. We will also need 4th-grade parents to help with this event. Volunteers are needed in late Spring.


Girl’s Night
We need a chairperson to schedule an evening event for our 5th-grade girls and parents featuring a presentation about puberty and the physical and emotional changes it will bring. It is usually on an evening in the Spring. We will need volunteers to help with invitations, food, booking with the IUSD speaker, and decorations. Volunteers create a comfortable & safe atmosphere for students to ask questions, facilitate discussions, and provide resources. We will also need 4th-grade parents to help with this event. Volunteers are needed in late Spring.

Family Fun Night
This event is one of the PTA’s favorite events because it strengthens our school community by allowing students and their parents to meet and socialize with other families toward the beginning of the school year. We need a chairperson and a few committee members to recruit volunteers to organize games, the Alderwood famous cakewalk, ticket sales, and entertainment. They also ensure all attendees have a safe and fantastic experience. Volunteers are needed in the early Fall. Please join us to make a fun and memorable night for our community.

Hearing and Vision Testing
PTA needs volunteers to take shifts and assist students in their vision/hearing testing. This event is a one-day event that requires volunteering during school hours.

Holiday Boutique
This event teaches our students essential skills to understand budgeting skills and select gifts for their loved ones. We need a chairperson and a few committee members to set up and help students throughout the week to create an exciting experience for our students. Volunteers are needed for one week in December.

The Hospitality team is the PTA committee that plays a vital role in creating a welcoming ambiance for all families at our school and showing parents how much PTA appreciates their participation by hosting events such as coffee with our principal, new family welcome meet and greet, as well as PTA general meetings throughout the school year. The Hospitality team provides refreshments and baked goods as requested; volunteers are needed for about seven to eight events throughout the school year.

International Night
International Night is one of the most entertaining PTA events, providing a perfect opportunity for our children to learn about diversity. Volunteers play an essential role by creating an event embodying our school community’s diverse cultures. For this event, we need a chairperson and a committee of volunteers to assist with event planning, set up cultural displays, coordinate performances, and engage attendees in interactive activities. We need your help to create a vibrant learning experience for our children by celebrating our school community’s diverse cultures and backgrounds.

IPSF Tournament of Champions
Sports offer our students a unique bonding experience that builds teamwork, friendships, spirit, confidence, and personality. We need a committee chair and volunteers to help us support our athletes and create a positive competitive environment for them during the Tournament of Champions. Tournament of Champions is offered to Irvine schools only for grades 4-6 students. Volunteers assist with various tasks such as event setup, coaching assistance, equipment management, and T-shirt distribution. Alderwood will have teams for the Harvest Cup in the Fall (soccer), the Winter Bowl in the winter (flag football), and Hoops Classic in the Spring (basketball).

IPSF ACE (Afterschool Enrichment Program)
Available on the school campus right after school, the ACE program provides high-quality, afterschool enrichment education in science, math, fine arts, technology, and much more. IPSF sponsors this excellent program, which is at risk of getting canceled at Alderwood if we don’t get volunteers to help administer it. Please check www.acewise.org for more info regarding the ACE program. Volunteers are needed to check students in & out of each session throughout the school year.

IPSF Musical
Research shows that unstructured, self-directed PLAY is essential for children’s development. We are excited to welcome your child to IPSF’s musical theater production at Alderwood Elementary! This program is for students in grades 1 – 6. Through the play, children make new friends, learn new skills, and gain new confidence through this one-of-a-kind experience! If you are interested, please attend our parent information meeting to learn more.

Jamba Juice 6th Grade Fundraiser
One of PTA’s missions is to create the best memory for our 6th Graders before they start their middle school journey. As we all know, outdoor education improves children’s development, and connecting with nature is essential for all children. By heading outside and learning in nature, kids improve their emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development. Also, camping with their peers creates lifetime memories for our students. All these things will be possible due to your support! PTA needs volunteers to raise scholarship funds by selling Jamba Juice throughout the school year.

Support our largest fundraisers of the year! Jog-a-thon is a fun event that encourages students to fundraise by asking family and community members to donate towards our biggest fundraiser or donate on behalf of the student based on how far they walk or jog. For this event, we need committees that help coordinate volunteers, secure sponsorships, design apparel, help with the Jog-a-thon kick-off party, collect donations, and organize prizes. Volunteers are needed in the late Fall/early winter to make this event a success and raise vital funds for our school.

Math Club
Coaches needed to help the kids with weekly math club meetings and preparation for math competitions. Volunteers are needed all year long.


Encourage families to support the PTA. We need a chairperson and a group of volunteers throughout the school year to assist in membership drives, outreach initiatives, and registration processes. Also, to engage with parents, teachers, and the school community to promote the benefits of PTA membership. Be a part of fostering a strong and inclusive PTA community.

Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters has been providing an engaging elementary school art curriculum. We need a chairperson for the Meet the Masters and a committee of volunteers to assist with this art program for lower-grade elementary students. For more information, go to https://meetthemasters.com. Volunteers are needed to help prepare supplies throughout the school year.

Picture Day
Be part of our Picture Day volunteer team to capture and preserve our students’ memories for that school year. We need your help to ensure a smooth and successful event. Volunteers assist with organizing students, maintaining order, and ensuring our students look their best before their photos.

Pledge Drive
Join our Fall Pledge volunteer team, one of our primary fundraisers for the school year. Help tabulate class participation, collect donations, and encourage 100% PTA membership among Alderwood families. Join PTA to make a difference in our mission by volunteering in the early Fall.

Red Ribbon Week
We need volunteers to help prepare activities for our drug awareness campaign in October. Join us for one week in the early Fall to contribute your time and support, raising awareness and promoting a drug-free community.

Volunteers are needed in the Fall to help exhibit student artwork and turn in entries to the Irvine PTA Reflections Committee. We need volunteers in the early Fall.


Room Parent
Room parents are the primary liaison between the PTA and other parents in your child’s class. Each classroom will have one volunteer that will serve the entire school year. This volunteer will share communications about upcoming PTA events and volunteer opportunities. The Room Parent also coordinates class gifts for the teacher, using money collected from the families in their class at the beginning of the school year. They also help the class celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.

Running Club
Running is vital for our students because it teaches determination and setting goals. Coaches are needed to help the students with weekly activities to prepare them for the Kids Run the OC (KROC) one-mile race and weekly nutritional challenges. A committee chair and volunteers are needed in the Spring, and they will follow the KROC curriculum. No running experience is necessary, and all levels of running are welcome.

Silent Auction/Carnival
Our annual spring carnival is a PTA sponsored event that brings the community together for a night full of fun activities, games, and friendship. This event includes our current students and our alumni students. Our Silent Auction volunteer team will assist in organizing auction items, setting up displays, managing bids, and facilitating the auction process. They will also help create an engaging and enjoyable experience for attendees while maximizing fundraising efforts. Volunteers are needed in the late Spring to collect auction items and prepare for the carnival. Spring Carnival volunteers’ responsibilities include managing game booths, assisting with snack stations, ticket sales, crowd management, activity support, clean-up, guest assistance, and teamwork.

Spirit Wear
The spirit committee helps manage the design, sales, and promotion of spirit wear items. Responsibilities include assisting with ordering, inventory management, sales coordination, marketing, volunteer coordination, and merchandise distribution throughout the school.

We need volunteers for our sponsorship committee to gather community sponsorships that enable the PTA to fund all the excellent programs. Through clear communication and networking, members of this committee should include as many parents as possible. They will utilize their networking skills to reach potential sponsors, maintain relationships, and coordinate sponsorship packages. We need your help to drive our mission forward and ensure our success. Volunteers are needed in the early Fall and the first few weeks of January to make a lasting impact.


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Talent Show
Talent Show is a great way to showcase our students, build their confidence, and unite our community. PTA needs a chair and committee members to run this program and organize the Alderwood PTA Talent Show. Volunteers needed late fall/early winter.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation
Organize volunteers to provide refreshments and meals in the teachers’ lounge during the week and coordinate activities with the students and room parents throughout Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week in April/early May. Volunteers are needed the first entire week of May.


Team Kids
The TEAM Kids program is for our 5th graders. This program allows patrol officers to visit elementary schools with six weekly visits to build positive relationships between the police, students, staff, and parents. Team Kids promotes a greater sense of connection and self-esteem, which can significantly improve a child’s emotional, social, cognitive, and educational development.
Volunteers are needed to assist upper-grade teachers and students in community-based service programs. Volunteers are needed in the early Fall.
For more information, go to www.teamkids.org

Join the PTA yearbook volunteer team and contribute your skills, creativity, and time to make a cherished memento for our kids and their families. This committee creates the annual Alderwood Elementary yearbook. Volunteers are responsible for capturing and preserving our children’s precious moments, milestones, and achievements as they progress through their educational journey. Volunteers in this committee work on this project throughout the school year, gathering pictures from teachers and parents, taking photos at events, inserting them into the templates, and organizing tasks for other team members. The time commitment for this project is throughout the school year, but it has the flexibility to manage based on your availability, with the final deadline being April/May.


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